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Sam first appeared on the stage in 1998 in Andrew Lloyd Webbers WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND at the Aldwych theatre. Since graduating from drama school (East 15/Drama Centre/Vaktanghov Institute) where he received a Spotlight Best Actor Nomination, he has taken various film and television roles. Sam also has a keen interest in music and film making, fortunate enough to have Steve Levine (Beach Boys/Culture Club) produce his first record and Cannes Film Festival took on his first short film as a director. It is fair to say Sam enjoys all aspects of the arts!

Languages: English, Russian
Nationality: British
Bases: London, Enton (Surrey), Moscow

“THE HOUR OF LIVING powerful performances (particularly from lead actor Sam Fordham, a rising star to keep an eye on)”

-ROBERT O'NEILL (Philadelphia QFest)
Featured Credits
Mickah (co-lead) in THE COMMITTMENTS
Jamie Lloyd/Palace Theatre/Phil McIntyre Ltd
Giles Linden (lead) in THE RAVEN CLUB
Jamie Annett/Adamantine Pictures Ltd
Theo (lead) in THE HOUR OF LIVING
Sebastian Michael/Optimist Creations
Sam (regular) in HOLLYOAKS
Various/Lime Pictures
Terence in ALL RISE
Melissa Dunne/Royal Court Theatre
Walter Rhodes in THE EXONERATED
Simon Evans
Gale Edwards/Aldwych Theatre