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Sally has trained under Tom Radcliffe at the Actor’s Temple and also Bernard Hiller at both his London and LA classes. Her fit as an actor is extremely diverse in terms of look, character and medium. She has worked in UK and European film; comedy; commercials; touring theatre; West End lead; music videos and is also muse for many artists and photographers. Sally holds a US Visa allowing her to work in the States.

Languages: English, French
Nationality: British
Bases: London, Plymouth

“Not many actresses have been able to match Monroe’s ineffable screen presence, but Day, sympathetic and sexy, comes very close.”

-Ray Bennett – The Hollywood Reporter
Featured Credits
Jane in SMALL WORLD (feature film - 2019)
Patryk Vega/Vega Investments
Conway in BOOTS ON THE GROUND (feature film)
Louis Melville/Sidebar Films/Hulu
Margaret Gregory in THE HOLLY AND THE IVY
Michael Lunney/Buxton Opera House and UK tour
Ollie Brack/CBBC
Mrs. Parsons (lead) in ALL ABOUT LOVE
April Webster/Lee Strasbourg Theatre LA
Abi (lead) in TELL ME...LIES
Catherine Paskell/Arts Theatre
Marilyn Monroe (lead) in MISSING MARILYN
Jonathan Hyde/King's Head