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Jennifer earned her MFA in Acting from Columbia University, where she trained with Andrei Serban, Anne Bogart, Priscilla Smith, Robert Woodruff, Andre Gregory, Ada Brown Mather, Yoshi Oida, Jacques leCoq, Bruce Meyers and Jordan Thaler. She studied voice with Angela Pietropinto, Glen Holzer and Lisa Rochelle. Prior to her graduate training, she graduated with High Honors in Theater, Phi Beta Kappa, from Wesleyan University.

She worked in the New York theatre scene for over a decade, before relocating to London where she lives south of the river with her husband and young son.

New York stage credits include: Jeremy Dobrish’s Orpheus & Eurydice, Kevin Hammonds’ Crescendo Falls, and Andrei Serban’s La Dispute.

London stage credits include: Anthony Page’s The Lady from Dubuque, Giles Croft’s Families of Lockerbie, and Matthew Lloyd’s The Good Soldier.

Television credits include: Sex & the City and the Emmy-nominated Moonshot.

Languages: English
Nationality: American, British
Bases: London, New York