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Brandon is an emotive performer. With challenging roles in both theatre and film, hIs maturity and humanity shine through on stage and on screen. A self taught craftsmen Brandon is a dedicated, enthusiastic actor who understands you can never learn enough. He has experienced a ride beyond his years and has observed various walks of life on his path - this is his greatest teacher and his roots keep him grounded. A self-confessed Shakespearean, Brandon is an individual who admires the classics as much as he appreciates the contemporary - the range of his interest is unlimited.

A South London child of mixed race heritage, Brandon is a difficult person to fit in a box - what is guaranteed is a performer with heart and soul in abundance. At The Vaults in Waterloo, he has just completed his third sell-out run as lead in THE STREETS after the show garnered two Offie nominations from performances at the Cockpit Theatre and Hackney Empire.

Languages: English
Nationality: British
Bases: London

“it would be remiss of us to not point out the amazing performance of Brandon Henry as Rick, who was perfectly balanced between comedy and tragedy... to this young actors credit he met the challenge and surpassed it”

Featured Credits
Theo in TREE (r+d)
Sarah Henley/Green Door Pictures (Idris Elba company)
Rik (lead) in THE STREETS
Adam Boland (production nominated: 2 Offie Awards)/Cockpit Theatre/The Vaults Waterloo
Charlie in GETTING ON
Sarah Henley (writer/director)
Ray Shell/Lion and Unicorn/Giant Olive Productions
Destiny Ekaragha/British Film Council